Big Huge, “Late at Night”

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Big Huge, "Late at Nite"

Brooklyn’s Big Huge may be recounting hazy, rambunctious nights on their new single, but “Late at Nite” is a party all on its own. A swinging, infectious hook kicks off the song, giving way to clever guitar riffing that is, above all, fun. If you’re not howling “I wanna have a little late night conversation” along with the call-and-response chorus, then you’re moving and grooving to the old-school surf-rock rhythm. The track’s effortless catchiness belies its actual complexity, though; the track is full of moving parts and tight fills.

True to the band’s influences and DIY attitude, “Late at Nite” is the sound of ripped jeans, beer-soaked flannels, and sweat-drenched hair. It’s rare that a song so tailor-made for a basement is also so rump-shakingly dancey, but Big Huge has delivered a true summer jam for the garage-rock crowd. Expect the chorus to pop into your head when “it’s getting late, the time is right” at a shindig soon.