CHIKARA presents Tomorrow Never Dies at 2300 Arena

Post Author: Eric Phipps

On Saturday, December 6, CHIKARA presented the finale to their 2014 season called “Tomorrow Never Dies” at 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, PA. The evening began with The Young Lion’s Cup Tournament (eligible to wrestlers under the age of 25) which featured a finals match between Missile Assault Ant and Heidi Lovelace with Lovelace taking brutal hits from her much larger opponent until she rallied to defeat him and win the cup. Following that match was the culmination of the rivalry between Ashley Remington (in blue gear) versus Juan Francisco de Coronado (in green gear) in a German suplex battle to see which wrestler’s suplex would reign supreme (the winner was Remington). Next, two heels finally faced off in the ring after a year of manipulation and frustration as Jimmy Jacobs (in pants) battled Eddie Kingston (in singlet), it was a brutal match until Kingston won, making him eligible for the Grand Championship. Their competition was marred by the unexpected arrival (and unmasking) of Kid Cyclone who wants to be known as Kevin Condron, breaking CHIKARA tradition.

Following that dramatic turn was the “The Campeonatos de Parejas” or Tag Team Championship, as The Throwbacks (in sports themed gear) versus The Devastation Corporation (in white gear) battled in a best of three falls match which eventually saw The Devastation Corporation win after some interference by Sidney Bakabella, their manager. Next, was a “Loser Leaves CHIKARA” match as mainstay Ultramantis Black (with sleeve tattoos) competed against Delirious (in body paint), with Ultramatis eventually securing the win to remain in CHIKARA. The penultimate match was the “Torneo Cibernetico,” a 16 man tag team circuit. Two teams of 8 square off against one another and tags can only happen in predetermined order. Eventually The Flood won, leaving an injured Silver Ant and Fire Ant assisting each other out of the ring. The final event of the night was a steel cage match between CHIKARA Grand Champion Icarus (in red) against Deucalion (in black). Deucalion has been responsible for the deaths of many beloved CHIKARA wrestlers, so this was a chance for revenge. Icarus won using the CHIKARA special, an inescapable submission move. When Deucalion tried to leave the ring, Icarus killed him with the hammer of the Estonian Thunderfrog, whom Deucalion had killed earlier this year.

The finale was brilliant and a great amount of fun. CHIKARA offers a great alternative to most wrestling choices with relatively complex storylines, evolving characters, a clutch of high flying and athletic performers and some of the best audiences in the business. Please check out our portraits of the CHIKARA wrestlers here.