Dam Gila, “See It Through”

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With Yawn’s Love Chills only a month old, frontman Adam Gil is tumbling head first into a solo outing with the fittingly titled So Long, Leisure album. Given the vocal overlap So Long, Leisure might feel like a retread, but Gil’s exploration of the pop construct expands beyond the textural framework of Yawn. As a solo artist with a special moniker, Dam Gila (see what he did there with the letter arrangement?) seeks the space of where only a last name is needed to indicate who’s running the show; think of Bowie, Nilsson, and Mercury.

While album opener “History” feels attached to the early 70s time travel, “See It Through” blurs the era-fawning with faintly glam fuzz tones, but Gil does not settle in entirely. It’s a kitchen sink, yes—vintage psyche, Grizzly Bear-esque moments, and acoustic strums like stumbling upon a lost Monkees b-side all fit into the tub—but the dishes are arranged accordingly by shape and size. Gil knows no limits on “See It Through”, but he’s not a loose cannon. Everything is in its right place, so that as we see it through, we’re never lead astray.

So Long, Leisure is out November 18.

For more on Gila and Yawn, read our feature interview by Sasha Geffen.

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