Elvis Depressedly, “Bruises (amethyst)”

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Elvis Depressedly

Mat Cothran is a DIY veteran, having put out six releases of homegrown songs over the past ten years as Coma Cinema, and together with fiance Delaney Mills as Elvis Depressedly, which has since grown into a full band. On the seventh album under the Depressedly moniker, New Alhambra, Cothran seems to ditch the sad-boy persona he’s wielded so strongly on previous efforts like Holo Pleasures and Mickey’s Dead (the album’s first single, “n.m.s.s.” is literally an acronym for No More Sad Songs). In an interview with Stereogum, Cothran claims the latest single from the forthcoming album reflects, “being aware of how we’re decaying but not really being too defeated by it.” Complacent and mournful don’t usually come as a pair, but that’s what makes the slow-shaking single “Bruises (amethyst)” so wrenching as its heartbeat bass line slowly wakes us from deep shoegaze numbness.

New Alhambra drops this spring on Run for Cover. You can stream “Bruises (amethyst)” below and catch Elvis Depressedly perform at the Austin Imposition on Thursday, March 19.