Maribou State, “All Over The Shop Mix”

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The Hertfordshire duo of Maribou State, Chris Davids and Liam Ivory, treat the studio like the office, clocking in for the 9-5 work day and only setting out-of-office replies for festival and tour dates. A typical “out to lunch” sign on the door reading “out to Glastonbury, normal office hours resume tomorrow.”

The duo recently released Portraits on Counter Records, a methodical IDM offering that denies laptop reliance for the human touch of live musicianship as the intangible texture to their sound. Maribou State check their pulse on their contribution to the Friday Night series. Remixes of Kelis, Crookers, and Lana Del Ray gave them their start, and the duo further that exploration with a Fink remix, while giving nods to favorites from Caribou and DJ Koze.

Maribou State had the following to say regarding the “All Over The Shop Mix”:

For this mix we compiled a variety of tracks that are either newly discovered or newly made. We wanted to try and reflect the music that we’re currently playing out in our DJ sets as well as the music we would want to hear if we were on a night out.

Maribou State’s Portraits is out now on Counter Records.

“All Over The Shop Mix” Tracklisting:
01 Ryoma Takemasa, “Strictly Street (My Home Setagaya)”
02 Unknown, “If I Were Yours”
03 Radiohead, “Little By Little (Caribou Remix)”
04 Maribou State, “Raincoats”
05 Herbert, “You Saw It All (DJ Koze Remix)”
06 Axel Boman, “Nattsudd”
07 Jamie XX, “Seesaw (Feat. Romy)”
08 Fink, “Fall Into The Night (Maribou State Remix)”
09 Kiasmos, “Looped”
10 Caribou, “Lalibela”
11 HNNY, “Solsidan”