Pelican, “The Cliff” (with vocals)

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The addition of vocals to a band as instrumentally lyrical, powerful, and as seamlessly fluid as Pelican can only magnify the layers of what is already a tremendous sound. The Chicago quartet has only two tracks in their catalog that have vocal accompaniment, the second of which is on their upcoming EP, The Cliff, out February 24 on Southern Lord—a new version of the title track from the previously released Forever Becoming, this time with vocals by Allen Epley (of The Life & Times), and with two remixes of the song—one by Justin Broadrick (of Godflesh and Jesu), and one by Palms (Aaron and Cliff of Isis). The vocals act almost as the equivalent of a music video, offering Epley’s “vision” or “take” on the already established track, inspiring lyrics of longing and lost love, and painting an entirely new picture.

The Broadrick remix is a more transfixed reimagining, introducing a much more spaced-out vibe and utilizing incredibly vivid lows, and ending with an almost Angelo Badalamenti-like synth sound, while the Palms remix is subtly dancier, maintaining a good chunk of the song’s core, but throwing new drumming patterns and phasing shifts in to create a whole new beast. Also on the EP is a brand new song, called “The Way.”

You can stream the “The Cliff” (with vocals) below.