Stream The Yin Yangs’ upcoming cassingle

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The Yin Yangs have been making ripples across the Brooklyn borough for their brand of loud, fuzzy psych rock that simple cannot disappoint on a Friday night. The jams that come from the Brooklyn three piece seem to float on air, reaching a hypnotic environment worthy of Burning Man; nothing cuts too sharp, everything flows real nice. The Yin Yangs are certainly fans of the climax, letting things build up as far as they’ll go until you’ve reached the aforementioned hypnosis. Max Braun’s unabashed wails only add to the flowing eddy of fuzz.

Set to release a new cassingle in the coming year, the two tracks represent their most discernible work to date. Well-produced, well-mixed, the recordings manage to hold on to that distant flurry that their lo-fi predecessors captured so well with an added bonus of a clearer atmosphere. The A-side “Life in Space” is a slow-builder, a washy guitar pushes forward till they hit the overdrive and shit gets nuts. No need for deep thought here; there’s a quality in these jams that clears the mind. They use a similar formula for the B-side, appropriately titled “Bees”, where the bouncing guitar melody carries us through the fuzz driven madness like a beacon of light.

The Yin Yangs’ cassingle will be released in January. You can stream both tracks below,