The Shivas, “And On”

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It’s 1972 and you’re in a smoke-filled basement at one of your frat’s mixers.  People are chatting, sipping on cocktails while you shoot the shit with the boys…until you lock eyes with her from across the room. In a crop top and pointy brassier, you can’t take your eyes off her.  You saunter over, drink in hand, cigarette in mouth, eyes burning holes into each other’s skulls and there’s only one thing on your mind: “Kiss me kiss me baby, make me feel good/Kiss me kiss me baby, like you know should,” which just so happen to be the lyrics to “And On”, the new single off The Shivas‘ upcoming album, You Know What to Do.

Hailing from Portland Oregon, The Shivas’ music illustrate such romantic scenes as the above mentioned and many more. Their winding bubblegum love stories and jive-ass beach vibes create their own brand of surf rock.  They’ve got a nasty lo-fi energy; it’s one of those albums that makes you feel cool when you listen to it, and maybe it’s because the opening keyboard riff reminds me of The Doors’ steely nonchalance.  If only the warm weather hadn’t abruptly peaced out to hang in some other hemisphere I could truly revel in the summer jams, but alas I’ll just have to settle for some fall time surf rock (no complaints here). Maybe I’ll find some homies to dress up as the Beach Boys with me for Halloween.

Stream the track below and stay tuned for You Know What to Do off K Records on October 28th. They’re in New York tonight and tomorrow at Cake Shop and Palisades.  Following tour dates below.

15 NYC, NY @ Cake Shop
16 Brooklyn, NY @ Palisades
17 Buffalo, NY @ Mohawk Place
18 Toronto, ON CA @ Smiling Buddha
19 Detroit, MI @ Jumbo’s
20 Chicago, IL @ Bric A Brac (early in-store 5pm)
20 Chicago, IL @ Subterranean
21 Lafayette, IN @ The Spot Tavern
22 Lexington, KY @ Green Lantern
23 Knoxville, TN @ Pilot Light
24 Nashville, TN @ Grimey’s (In-Store Early Show 6pm)
24 Nashville, TN @ Springwater (9pm)
25 Kansas City, MO @ Minibar
26 Lawrence, KS @ Replay Lounge
28 Denver, CO @ Lion’s Lair
29 Salt Lake City, UT @ Diabolical Records
30 Boise, ID @ The Crux
31 Bainbridge Island, WA @ Mushrooms and Airplanes House

08 Portland, OR @ Bunk Bar “You Know What To Do” LP RELEASE PARTY!
15 Seattle, WA @ Washington Hall w/La Luz for Short Run Seattle