Uniform, “Buyer’s Remorse”

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A good hardcore track and a good noise track could each easily be extracted out of Uniform’s new single off Perfect World, but the two live together under the title and it’s very fitting. The track opens with Michael Berdcan’s heavily delayed, manically exasperated howling, drowned by the crunch of harsh noise, and enters unannounced into Ben Greenberg’s uncannily catchy, simplistic guitar riff, flowing over a somewhat industrial sounding, somewhat danceable, electronic drumbeat. Bedran’s disdainful vocals shriek and snarl in distant echoes throughout, and bass tones enter into the mix, making for a unique work of hardcore in and of itself. However, this is only the half of it, as the drums are drowned out entirely by weird, heavy electronics at around the halfway point, and waves of punishing noise underlay maniacal laughing and a most unholy diatribe to finish it out. The duality of the track, a schizophrenic death march, almost speaks for the two members of the band, both coming from punk and noise backgrounds (The Men, York Factory Complaint, Hubble), culminating in this dark, shapeshifting opus.

Perfect World is out now on 12XU.